More than 100 Ha between vineyard and unspoiled mountain, at 800 meters above the sea level, dominate the landscape of one of the more traditional winemaking rural areas from Zamora, the highest zone of the Denomination of Origin Toro.

The Douro River is responsible for the deep, loose, gravel y and sandy soil where Finca Volvoreta vineyard is settled.
An arid-continental climate area with Atlantic influences, where the sun shines in abundance but with lacking rainfall, between 250 and 350 mm per year.

From the beginning, we decided to make a bet for the organic agriculture and biodynamic philosophy. The respect for nature and tradition turned out that Finca Volvoreta obtained the Organic Certification more than 20 years ago, the first winery in Castilla y León.

The grass cover that grows in the plots is essential for the appropriate development of the vines, because it allows greater mineralization of the organic matter; it favours ventilation and improves soil structure, minimizes erosion and compaction, as well as maintains the native flora and fauna.

Thanks to the sustainable management model in the company, Finca Volvoreta generates large oxygen amounts, which helps to counteract the greenhouse effect and to obtain a Carbon Footprint = 0, really important for the improvement and conservation of the planet.