Finca Volvoreta has it origin in the familiar winery, which has been always joined to the vineyard and agriculture.

Antonio Alfonso, a business man from Zamora, great wine knowledgeable and wine lover from more than 30 years, had an innovating view to make high level quality and healthy wines, with artisanal and traditional techniques but also focused on the new technological advantages.

Today, Finca Volvoreta experiences a generational change with the incorporation of Antonio’s children, who provide innovation, youth and dynamism. María, director and oenologist of the winery, maintains the traditional philosophy but with a more global view.

The aim for making high quality level wines, with healthy benefits and in harmony with the ecosystem sustainability became that Finca Volvoreta won the Best Organic Producer from Castilla y León award and also the National Biodiversity Award, given by the Environmental Spanish Ministry.

However, the most important thing, above all, is to share the experience and enjoy wine.