Finca Volvoreta wines are the highest expression of our environment. We focus on quality, that’s why we look for low yields and a careful selection in the vineyard and in the winery.

During the harvest, the grapes are collected in small cases to ensure the integrity of the fruit.

We join the caress in the vineyard with the traditional methods at the winery, taking advantage of the cold nights to preserve the grapes and making long maceration at low temperature for further extraction and the expression of varietal aromas.

All our wines make spontaneous fermentation and, part of them, are made in amphora (clay pots). The power and structure of the Tinta de Toro are assembled to win in elegance.

The barrels rest in the underground cellar carved into the rock over 400 years ago, the remains of the winemaking tradition of the area. The conditions of temperature and humidity that keeps this cellar are suitable for barrel aging, as our ancestors did.